Output Year  
Art x Public AI → in development 2023  
GODMODE → a game for synthetic data training 2023  
ISCRI → AI for interspecies engagement 2023  
Hivemind → a game for exploring the back-end environments of art-making 2023  
R&D Labyrinths → artist-made AI interfaces 2023  
HUO9000 → a unique LLM trained on Hans Ulrich’s interview archive 2023  
Creative AI: Theory and Practice at KCL Symposium 2022  
GODMODE (EP.1) 2022  
Libby Heaney plays Hivemind 2022  
We Can’t Do This Alone with Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley 2022  
Tactical Entanglements with Martin Zeilinger 2021  
003: Aesthetics of AI Entanglements reader 2021  
A Cephalopod ↔ Machine Encounter with 0rphan Drift 2021  
Everything I say Is True: Poetic Bibliography by KITE 2021  
The Interfaces of AI Art Practices panel discussion 2020  
002: Aesthetics of AI Interfaces reader 2020  
Aesthetics of New AI panel discussion 2020  
001: Aesthetics of New AI reader 2020  
Luba Elliot on the Emergence of the Creative AI Field 2020  
The Umbra of an Imago: Writing Under the Control of Machine Learning by Allison Parish 2019