The Creative AI Lab is a collaboration between Serpentine R&D Platform and the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London. New approaches to aspects of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) including interface design, production and engagement have emerged from artistic practices. The aim of the lab is to surface this ‘back-end’ knowledge and link it to wider artistic and curatorial practices in order to overcome the existing ‘black-box’ narratives. Through the lense of art-making, the lab produces knowledge for cultural institutions, artists, engineers and researchers on how to engage AI/ML as a media. Additionally, the lab aims to develop institutional capacities to engage with this media for the benefit of the wider cultural sector.  

Our research currently investigates: 

⭢ AI tools supporting artistic practices 

⭢  The changing nature of artistic and curatorial practices as a result of working with AI/ML

⭢  Creative AI as a critical practice

⭢  Aesthetics of AI/ML

Cultural institutions offer a much-needed societal space to critically engage with advanced/deep machine learning technologies. To support this, the Creative AI Lab focuses on a range of research outputs that includes (1) a growing Creative AI Tools & Resources Database, (2) research workshops and papers (3) a forthcoming series of online tutorials which surface AI/ML infrastructures by exploring their interfaces.

The Creative Lab is part of the R&D Platform at Serpentine advancing new forms of cultural production through Future Art Ecosystems (FAE) and labs like this one. Get in touch at fae [at] serpentinegalleries [dot] org.


Digital Theory Lab, New York University

Rhizome, New Museum, New York


Dr Mercedes Bunz—Department of Digital Humanities, KCL

Eva Jäger—Arts Technologies, Serpentine, London

Dr Serena Iervolino—Culture, Media & Creative Industries, KCL

Dr Mark Hedges—Department of Digital Humanities, KCL

Alasdair Milne—LAHP PhD Candidate, Department of Digital Humanities, KCL

Dr Leif Weatherby—Digital Theory Lab, New York University

Michael Connor—Rhizome, New Museum, New York

Black Shuck Collective—Website development and research

Cecilia Serafini—Database design  

Other Acknowledgments

We owe many people thanks for their contributions to the making of the Creative AI Lab starting with Sumitra Upham for initially putting Eva Jäger and Mercedes Bunz in contact. We are indebted to the Design Museum London for initially supporting our interest in AI by hosting two workshops on ‘The (Missing) Interface of New AI’; the insights gained during those seminars are still key to our research. For their fantastic support positioning the lab, many thanks to Serpentine's Digital team: Ben Vickers, Kay Watson, Sophie Netchaef and Victoria Ivanova. We are grateful also to the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London, especially Delphine van der Pauw who spotted every mistake we overlooked in our AHRC grant application and Jack Gordon who carefully manages our budget. For his natural skepticism and warm support, thanks to Tobias Blanke (University of Amsterdam). Our work is also informed by conversations with Suzanne Livingston, Murad Khan, Daniel Chavez Heras, Allison Parish, Luba Elliott, Julia Kaganskiy, James Wreford, Jules LaPlace, Ricardo Savedro, Natalie Kane, Leonardo Impett among others. Most of all, this project would not exist without the work of the artists, programmers and theorists who contribute to this project and to the field at large. Thank you!